Storm Sports Center

Bus Transportation to (almost all) and from (some) games is provided by Smith Valley School.  Parents may take students after the game, but must sign their student out with the coach! Students will only be released to their own parent/guardian unless PRIOR arrangements have been made with the school. 

Thank you Michelle Helwig & Karen Skonard for our affordable sports physicals in the fall.

A pay to play fee must be paid prior to the first contest. The “Pay to Play” fee is $35.00 per team sport ($25 for cross country).  If this cost prevents a family from having their child(ren) participate, scholarships, or opportunities to ‘earn’ the right to play will be considered. Request to visit with the principal regarding scholarship must take place at least 2 days before contests begin.  This fee is required in order to help defray the costs of coaching, transportation, uniform upgrades, and officials. 

Girls Volleyball

Volleyball runs from September to October. 

This program is offered for 5th-8th Grade

Boys Football 

Smith Valley School 7/8th grade boys are given the opportunity to play Football at West Valley School or at Kalispell Middle School. Please contact West Valley School (755-7239) or Kalispell Middle School (751-3800).

Boys Basketball

Basketball runs from October to December. 

This program is offered for 5th-8th grade.

Girls basketball

Girls basketball runs from January to March. 

This program is offered for 5th-8th grade. 

Cross Country

Cross Country runs from April to May on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Cross country is open to all grades. 

Cross Country Letter

Cross Country Permissions