Substitute Resources

Frontline - Absence Management

Video Tutorials

How Frontline Works - Video Link (1 minutes 15 seconds)

An overview of what Frontline Absence Management is and how it works.

Basic Training - Video Link (2 minutes 45 seconds)

  • Logging into Absence Management
  • Navigating the Home Page
  • Finding available jobs
  • Viewing and editing your personal information
  • How to change your PIN
  • Where to find help resources

Job Experience Feedback - Video Link

(2 minutes 30 seconds)

Substitute Advanced Training - Video Link

(4 minutes 15 seconds)

  • Viewing scheduled jobs
  • How to create Non-Work Days
  • Viewing past jobs you have worked
  • Setting up Preferred Schools
  • How to edit the times Absence Management can call you
  • How to turn off calling

Accepting Jobs Through the Phone When Absence Management Calls - Video Link (1 minutes 45 seconds)

  • If you miss a call from Absence Management, try giving Absence Management a call back as soon as you can. The job may still be available.