brainstorm Committee


First, thank you so much to everyone that joined the first part of our BrainSTORM sessions, we appreciate you taking the time and the effort! The issues raised and ideas from the community meetings March 15 will be prioritized by how often they were raised and the level of impact they have on planning.

We will be hosting BrainSTORM Workshop sessions that will take these prioritized issues and ideas and generate three viable concepts to further develop. We will be creating a moderated forum or blog for the community to follow and comment on this process and its progress. There, we can outline the process to date, including upcoming events.

Meeting Documents

The Jackola Engineering planning team will attend these meetings to share data and background, to gather information, to answer relevant questions and to facilitate openly exploring options.

If you would like to be a part of this process please contact Trish at 406.756.4535 Ext 4 or by email