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Knowledge Station Software

Dear Administrator, Teacher, or Parent,


My name is Allie Anderson and I am a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working at ExplorationWorks Science Center in Helena, MT for the summer.  I am contacting you seeking help in finding students willing to participate in a research study using a fun, interactive education tool called the Knowledge Station.


The Knowledge Station is a software program currently being used in an exhibit at ExplorationWorks. The software program teaches students about human and robotic space exploration.  It is geared toward a 5th-9th grade education levels with the hope that it will inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects.  Many students in Montana, however, do not have easy access to the Museum, and therefore cannot benefit from the outside-the-classroom educational experience. 


I am conducting a research study with rural students where I will give them the software and set it up in their home.  On my first visit I will interview the student about how they feel about STEM and how they learn.  At this time I will provide software for the Knowledge Station. I will return to their home 2 weeks later, after they’ve had a chance to use the program, and interview them about how their thoughts about STEM may or may not have changed.  I would also like to interview a guardian to see if they have noticed a change in their own child.  After the interview is over, the student is free to keep the program and use it as often as they like.   My requirements are that the student should:

1.      Be from a rural community or town does that not have a science museum readily accessible

2.      Have a PC in their home.

3.      Be near the 5th-9th grade range

There are no requirements for interest in STEM, since I am trying to test the program with a broad range of students.


Thank you very much for your help.  Please feel free to contact me by email ( or phone (417) 388-0621.




Allie Anderson