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Indian Education for All

Indian Education For All--Montana Indian Nations

This page is by no means complete. I am trying to collect as many resources for Montana Indian Nations as I can in order for students to have a wide variety with which to research. If you know of websites that would make this collection more complete, please e-mail: .

I will add resources that will be helpful for students to understand more about the diversity of Montana's indigenous tribes.

Blackfeet Reservation
----Blackfeet Nation

Blackfoot Nation--Some commercial information, also informative.

Blackfeet (Scroll down past ads--good information)

Shrinking reservation--interactive. Click on map, then on dates to the right.

Manatka American Indian Council (Contemporary & Traditional)

Images of Past & Present

Blackfeet Culture & History

American Indian Facts for Kids-Blackfeet

Blackfeet Indian Tribe online Records

Lewis & Clark Trail-Blackfeet

Official State Travel Information

Fort Peck Reservation
---Sioux Dakota

Fort Peck Official Site

Sioux History & Culture

Assiniboine History & Culture

American Indian Facts for Kids-Assiniboine

Facts for Kids: Dakota & Lakota Sioux

Lewis & Clark Trail-Fort Peck

Official State Travel Information

Crow Reservation

Official Crow Tribe (Apsaalooke) web site

Little Big Horn College Writing Histories project. Organized by Chapters.

Crow History & Culture

American Indian Facts for Kids-Crow

Article on Crow & Horses

Virtual Field Trip-Chief Plenty Coups

Lewis & Clark Trail-Crow

Official State Travel Information

Fort Belknap Reservation
---Gros Ventre

Fort Belknap Official Site

Gros Ventre History & Culture

Gros Ventre Website

Assiniboine History & Culture

American Indian Facts for Kids-Gros-Ventre

American Indian Facts for Kids-Assiniboine

Gros Ventre Dance Troupe (no longer performing)

Lewis & Clark Trail-Fort Belknap

Official State Travel Information

Rocky Boys Reservation

Chippewa-Cree Tribe

Chippewa History & Culture

Cree History & Culture

Lewis & Clark Trail-Rocky Boys

Montana Official State Travel Information

Flathead Reservation
---Pend d'Oreille

Salish World .com (includes language fonts)

Place Names

Official Website of the Confederated Salish & Kootenai

Flathead Salish History & culture

Ktunaxa Nation--the Four Pillars

Kalispel & Pend d'Orielle History & Culture

Pend d'Oreille History & Culture-Under Salish & Kalispel

Salish Language, & Spokane, Kalispel & Flathead

Lewis & Clark Trail-Flathead

Montana Official State Travel Information

Little Shell Chippewa
(Great Falls)
Not yet federally recognized
(same tribe, actually--the same word pronounced differently)

Little Shell Chippewa Site

Link from above site to 'history'

Article--after 109 years....

Little Shell Chippewa, 'an unofficial tribal member site', 'by tribal members for tribal members'

Chippewa History & Culture

Contemporary newsfeed

Letter from Little Shell Chippewa to LSC alliance

Official State Travel Information

Northern Cheyenne Reservation
---Northern Cheyenne

Northern Cheyenne Nation

Cheyenne History & Culture

Lewis & Clark Trail-Northern Cheyenne

Official State travel information

Montana Reservations-Assignment

Be able to accurately name the Montana reservations and what tribal nations are headquartered on each reservation.

Map with Labels (key) Label-Me map (assignment)

Montana Reservations

Montana Reservations (L&C)

MT OPI map (Scroll toward bottom of screen)

Informational Pages--Not tribally specific

(There are links to tribally specific information on most of these pages)

Indian Nations of Montana


See Also-- Pow Wow

Greetings in Montana Indian Languages