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Bell Tower project

Smith Valley School was established in 1989 when Boorman and Batavia Schools consolidated.  The Bells from each of these schools were put together in one bell tower to honor the history and tradition that our community values.  

Batavia Bell                         Boorman Bell

Construction site for the Bell & Reader Board "Tower"                Log Structure for Bell & Reader Board  "Tower"


In come the bells                                and the reader board

The finished 'Bell Tower'--Summer, 2010

Thank you to all who contributed to this project by making donations, giving us reasonable bids, and/or donating your time and materials.  
A special thanks to:  LHC (concrete), Jeff Schreiner (general contractor), 
Doug Wray (bell restoration), Mike Tikka (electrical), Larry Dahlke (roof work), 
Montana Log Homes (Log structure-low bid), Lynn & Bonnie York (cash donation), 
James Floyd (excavator time and work)

Smith Valley School Board, and former Board Members for support and ideas

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