Mrs. Schussler

Mrs. Schussler--Santa Photographer at Chili Cook-off

Smith Valley School holds a special place in my life.  This school and many of its staff have been a part of my life since I was born.  In fact, my dad was a teacher in this community (then Batavia School).  The first stop my parents made with me as a newborn, was the school to meet my dad’s friends and students.  My dad was later the principal of Smith Valley until he retired, June 2010.

My husband and I moved our family back to the Flathead Valley in 2006.  When I was hired as paraprofessional at Smith Valley, it felt like coming home.  I have two daughters, and I have gladly had them attend Smith Valley School.  It is reassuring to know that they are receiving the best education possible, while also being cared for in a way that only happens in a school where the staff knows the name of EVERY student!  

I am proud that I get to continue to be a part of this community-- as an employee, as a parent.....and as a Volleyball star!..... (See 2011/2012 events--Staff vs. Student Volleyball game!)                        Schussler girls--Chili Cook-off winners of the people's choice award