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Bell Tower Project
Welcome to Smith Valley School

Smith Valley School is located about 5 miles west of Kalispell, Montana on 2901 Highway 2 West.  Smith Valley School was established in 1989 when the Boorman and Batavia school districts consolidated.  From 1989 to 2004, the original Boorman school housed the 6th-8th grade Smith Valley students while the original Batavia school housed the Kindergarten through 5th graders.  

In 2004, after several years of growing pains and using mobile housing units for classes--Smith Valley School had a 'modular unit' built to house the K-4 students, used the gym building for music, guidance and 5th grade, and the original Batavia schoolhouse for the 6th-8th grades. 

Twelve years later, 2016 - and Smith Valley School is bursting at the seams once again.  Over the 2014 summer, several classes had to switch rooms.  Because class numbers in grades 5-8 can have up to 30 students, while classes in K-1 seldom have over 20 students, we had to switch the K/1 classrooms (in building 1) with the 6-8th classrooms (in building 3) in order to comply with fire marshal regulations (classrooms must have 20 sq ft per student)--and the old Batavia classrooms are smaller than the newer ones built in 2004. We named our buildings:  Building 1, 2 & 3.... 1.  newest building, 2. gym building, 3. oldest building.  Building 1 has main office, grades 2-8 home rooms, library, counselor's office, staff and work rooms, and special education room.  Building 2 has gym, music room, lunch room, food prep room, office storage in attic.  Building 3 has K-1 and Title I.  Basement is used for custodial storage.

We are using every square foot of our space.  Our staff room and work room serve as paper storage, our lockers also store paper on top of them.  We have records stored above the bathrooms in the gym, and we share spaces such as when the after school program uses the music and lunch rooms.  We dissolved our out of date computer lab and turned it into a classroom for 5th grade.  We have two carts of chromebooks  aka Computers On Wheels (COWs).  This is the first year we've had a dozen home room classes (K, K, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th).