School closure information

School Closure Information:

Smith Valley School works with the County Superintendent of Schools on a valley-wide plan for emergency closures.  The county superintendent site lists all schools that are closed on any given day.  If only Smith Valley closes for conditions specific to our district - the County Superintendent will have our school listed as closed.  When all of District 5 (Kalispell) closes, then all rural schools that feed into that school are closed.  When this happens, we implement a calling tree of Superintendents / Principals for all districts who feed into Kalispell.  Each administrator then implements their school calling tree or automated phone system call..

When seeking to find out whether school is TRULY closed or not......
*  Listen to Bee Broadcasting radio stations (B98 - 98.5 FM, The BEAR 106.3 FM, KOOL 105.1 FM,  HANK - 95.9 FM, KJJR - 880 AM) and/or KOFI 1180 AM radio - They are the  source for accurate information from school officials.  
*  Listen to any automated messages sent from the school - all the way to the end.  When prompted, acknowledge receipt so you don't get repeated calls.
*  Watch this web page.  However - it is updated by Mrs. Komenda who lives in Marion, and sometimes the power is out at the most inconvenient of times!
*  Watch the County Superintendent web page (link below).  ALL rural school administrators call the county superintendent when canceling a regularly scheduled school day.
*  Know that there will be numerous opinions on whether a closure or a decision not to close should or should not have been made the way that it was.  Numerous factors are taken into account to make these decisions!

*  Trust a facebook or other social media posting that school is closed - especially if from a student!
*  Post our school's closure on facebook or other social media unless you are an adult, and you've heard it from one of the sources listed in the 'DO' section above, some people try to pull pranks to get school cancelled.  
*  Have your child post closure on facebook or other social media- PLEASE!  
*  Students - falsely placing a facebook or other social media post to prank is not okay--and is subject to disciplinary action when you resume school.
*  Try to call the school to find out why we called before checking your messages!  The lines are very busy at times like these, and if checking your message to find instructions from automated call can prevent one more call - it is especially helpful during an emergency.
*  Assume school is on, and leave child without seeing an adult.  If school is closed, we'll need to call and have you return to pick your child up anyway.

ACCURATE - School Closures during inclement weather:  County Superintendent of Schools

If your school doesn't close due to weather and roads - and you believe it is unsafe for you and your child - please note this final statement on the county procedures for emergency closure:  
  • School closure must factor in several variables. Parents ALWAYS retain the right to do what they feel best for their own children.