9/17/17 8:21 am - Sheriff's dept.

Greetings from the desk of Sheriff Chuck Curry​,

For Immediate Release –

Update on Cyber Terrorism Case

Our negotiation team, assisted by the FBI negotiation team, have been in ongoing communication with the suspect in this case. The communication has been via written electronic means.

The suspect has taken extraordinary measures to conceal his electronic identity and location. We have and are continuing to fully investigate every local lead or person of interest and rule them out.

We continue to work around the clock, with both national and international assistance to determine both the identity and the location, in the US or internationally, of the suspect in this case. We have made, and continue to make progress in those efforts.

As always, the public safety of our community and our children remain our paramount concern and focus. This joint investigation is ongoing, and further information will be released as it becomes available.