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"What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge,
not knowledge in pursuit of the child."

- George Bernard Shaw

Community "Town Hall" Meetings
Bond Issue Information

Please join us on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. for information about the upcoming bond issue.  There will be a presentation by Laili Komenda, Superintendent/Principal, Erick Enz from Axiom who is the district's owner's representative, and Danielle Grebe from LPW, the architectural firm hired by the district. Bridget Ekstrom from D.A. Davidson will be in attendance to answer questions as well.

 The purpose of this meeting is to share information with the community on the present needs Smith Valley School has for expansion, the process we've been through analyzing those needs, and the board resolution that will come before the voters in March.  

Please invite your neighbors and retired community members who may have missed this notice in the 'Daybook' of the Daily Inter Lake!  Additional information will be sent in a mailing in the near future.

Bond Election Detail:
Ballots will be mailed out approximately March 9.  
It is recommended to have the ballots in the mail three days prior to the election date-- March 24th.  
The cutoff for election ballots delivered in person is 8:00 p.m, March 28th.  
There will be instructions with the ballots.

Substitutes needed!
If you like the idea of a flexible schedule, working with a great staff, and fabulous students....... Please, apply to substitute at Smith Valley!

Peanut Free

Special Announcement:  

We have some staff and students who have especially severe peanut allergies. We do everything we can to prevent an allergic reaction at Smith Valley School by not exposing others to peanut oil in common settings.  We have a peanut gallery where peanut products can be eaten.  Students should tell their teacher in the morning if they will be needing to use the peanut gallery.  Thank you for keeping our kids and staff safe.
On September 26th, 2014 we made an announcement that we are becoming "Peanut Free".  See our page on the development of this                                                    situation:  "The Peanut Gallery"

Employees and Substitutes

Absence Management
(formerly Aesop)

Smith Valley School is a NO NICOTINE ZONE. It is against Federal and State law to smoke, chew tobacco, or use nicotine products (including 'e-cigs') on our campus, even in our parking lot in your car. It is against Montana State Law.

Click on the link below to see:

If you are enrolling your child at Smith Valley School, you can fill out a paper copy to register, or you can complete an Online Registration. We will print your online registration for you to sign.

2nd Quarter:  

Library - We want our library items to be easily found!  

Frequently asked for items:

The following items are available at the school office.  You can access them here as well: